To achieve the success that you want within your career, you need a vision. You are going to struggle to achieve your career goals and ambitions if you do not have this vision in place. A clear career plan for your long-term efforts and goals will help you realize your […]

Let’s talk about the distinction between product designers and product managers, as well as their respective characteristics. What skills are needed to evaluate design at a deep level, measure its effectiveness in solving business problems and align it with company goals? Designers can sometimes be confused with product managers, but […]

Students learn, adopt and imbibe the values of academic integrity throughout their college and university life. Academic integrity not only develops your academics but also shapes your professional life. Plagiarism-free content is one of the practices of academic integrity.   Universities have strict rules and guidelines on plagiarism. But the problem […]

The Greatest Common Factor of a set of numbers is often used to help calculate fractions, which are frequently used in everyday life. You can simplify a fraction by finding the highest common factor between the numerator and denominator, which can make it easier to work out more complex calculations. […]

The pandemic exposed the world of education to major scrutiny when the path of remote learning was chosen. It showed the stark inadequacies ofeducational establishments’ understanding, use, and deployment of EdTech tools, apps, and resources. Teachers and students were propelled into unknown territory, unprepared. While teachers put their best foot […]

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