Cricket Betting: Market Overview and Types

Cricket Betting

Over the years, cricket has been an integral part of the Indian audience. Online cricket is a sport that is bet on all over the world and has millions of fans and admirers. It is the second most popular sport, with football remaining in first place. There are over 100 million regular bettors in India, and during the IPL, the number can reach even more.

Fans from India follow the sport closely, which has led to the online betting app becoming legal in India and turning into a huge market in the country. Many ways exist to bet on different formats of cricket matches. Here let’s take a look at the most popular cricket betting markets and the types of bets available to Indian players.

Popular cricket betting markets: overview and examples

In this item, bettors from India can explore cricket betting markets that focus on specific events and happenings during the match, rather than just the overall result. They provide a greater variety of bets and allow you to capitalize on the dynamics of the game as a whole.

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Players can bet on markets such as the total number of balls scored, runs scored or the time when the next wicket will be scored. Bets can also be placed on individual batsmen’s matches and predict the overall winner of a tournament or Test series.

Total number of balls scored/grand slams 

Betting on total scoring requires an assessment of pitch conditions, weather forecast, strength of teams and other factors affecting scoring. 

Fall of the next wicket

The next wicket fall betting market involves predicting the timing of the next wicket, which can vary depending on the match situation.

Betting on batsmen’s match

Batsman match betting involves comparing two batsmen and choosing which of them will score more runs in the match, based on their skills and recent form.

Series Winner

Series winner betting allows you to predict the likely champion of a tournament or Test series from the start, based on a comprehensive analysis of the teams.

How are cricket betting odds determined?

The betting odds for cricket are determined by bookmakers based on various factors such as the strength of the team, team’s recent form, the condition of the pitch and past history. High odds indicate a lower probability of an outcome, likewise lower betting odds point to a higher chance.

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Which types of cricket betting are there?

Cricket offers different types of betting beyond just picking a single outcome. Familiarize yourself with the most popular ones:

Match betting

This is one of the most common and fundamental types of bets that almost every market offers. You need to choose which team will win or draw. Betting on underdogs can help you win more than you expected.

Match draw betting

A draw in a match is categorized as a simple type of betting. You only need to bet on whether you think the game will end in a draw. Additional name: No Bet Tie.

Double Chance

You can bet on a team to win or a draw.

Series Winner

Any time a team is playing in a series. As a bettor, you can bet on each game separately. However, you also have the option to bet directly on the series winner.

Direct Winner

A bet placed during major tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy is known as a bet on the future. Such predictions undoubtedly involve a lot of risk, but they also provide significantly high cricket betting odds.

Live cricket in-play betting

With the help of technology, live in-play betting has grown in popularity, allowing players to bet on the events of a match in real time as events unfold. In markets such as the innings run, the next man out and the total number of runs in upcoming overs, the odds change quickly depending on the match situation and the players’ performance. With cricket betting in India, the excitement of the game increases several times over.

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How to bet on cricket online in India?

Now that you know about cricket markets and betting types it’s time to move on to the actual games. We know you can do it, because you know cricket and everything related to it better than anyone else. That means you’re in for a win and a big payout. Let’s find out how to start betting on cricket today:

  1. Choose a reliable cricket betting site in India (bookmaker/sportsbook);
  2. Register with the site and create a betting account;
  3. Pick one of the available local payment options and deposit money into your INR account;
  4. Click on the Cricket section from the website menu and then select the match/series/tournament you wish to bet on;
  5. Make a selection of different betting markets such as Match Winner, Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Man of the Match, etc.

Place your bet selection, enter the amount of money in the generated betting box and click the “Place Bet” button to confirm your bet. Await the positive outcome of the match, if possible following it through the broadcast, while getting a large sum of money that you can withdraw on demand in a couple of hours. Have a great cricket betting and positive outcomes.

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