3 Reasons to Travel to the Netherlands


Traveling has for many people, especially the younger generation, been something that they have started to prioritize in their life. Choosing to travel, expand your horizon and your knowledge of different cultures and countries over buying a house, getting married and the like, is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

However, it’s not easy to decide where to go. Once you decide to go, and you saved up some money, it’s difficult to choose where to go. This article is here to tell you why you should decide to travel to the beautiful and diverse country of the Netherlands.

Experience a new and different culture

The Netherlands is first and foremost known for their different approach to life. They are more open-minded people, and this shows. The major cities blossom with a variety of different people, because everyone is welcomed, and everyone can feel welcome. As such, you will see a lot of different subcultures when you visit the bigger cities. That is, of course if you remember to not only visit the tourist areas. 

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Most inhabitants of Amsterdam do not live or have their daily routines in the center of the city, as prices are relatively high here, especially rent. The center of Amsterdam is also something to experience though. Here, you have coffee shops on every second corner, and on every other corner, you can find a shop where you can buy sex toys. If you’re up for it, you can get inspiration from the Dutch approach to life. Perhaps you are looking for the best g spot vibrator, some handcuffs or something else to spice up your sex life?

Experience beautiful nature

In the countryside, away from the beautiful cities, we find Dutch nature. Nature in the Netherlands is different because the country is so flat. There are also a lot of rivers and inlets, which allows for interesting nature to form. This also makes the perfect conditions for the flower fields in the Netherlands, which are also very popular. 

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From March to May, big parts of the Netherlands are covered in beautiful flowers. First, the crocus blossoms in March, then the daffodils and hyacinths come out, and last but not least, the tulips cover the beautiful countryside with their gorgeous colors, from April to May. Most of these flower fields can be found in the areas surrounded with water. These are typically found in the center of the Netherlands. 

The Dutch Food

The food scene in the Netherlands is also something to watch out for. If you are a fan of cheese, you should definitely go to the Netherlands. This country is home to many different cheeses, and although they are very difficult to pronounce, they taste delicious. The most popular ones are Gouda and Edam, but you can also find other cheeses like Leerdammer, Bluefort and cheeses that aren’t from the Netherlands. 

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This has been a quick introduction to the country of the Netherlands. We hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your next travel destination.


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