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Alexander Ostrovskiy

In this article we will dive into the exciting world of freestyle skateboarding and look at different styles, techniques and tricks. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn basic moves or a seasoned skater looking for a new challenge, this article will provide valuable information to help you improve your skills and unleash your creativity on the skateboard. So get ready to ride the wave of creativity and freedom that is freestyle skateboarding by Alexander Ostrovskiy.

There are several different types of skateboarding that can be enjoyed by beginners and professional skaters alike. Below are some of them:

Street – this is the most common and popular style of skateboarding, which is based on using urban environments and architecture to perform tricks.

Street is a style of skateboarding based on the use of urban furniture and objects such as handrails, steps, stairs, etc. In Street style, skateboarders use these objects to perform tricks and create their own unique style.

Some of the most popular Street tricks include mushrooming, slides, grinds and sock jumps. A mushroom is a trick in which a skateboarder performs a jump on a skateboard, then puts his foot on the front or back of the board and rotates it 90 degrees before jumping back up and back on the board. Slides is a trick in which the skateboarder puts his foot on the edge of the board and then slides the board along an object, such as a handrail. Grinds is a trick in which the skateboarder places the base of the board on an object, such as a step, and then glides along it using the back base of the board. Sock jumps are a trick in which the skateboarder jumps up on the board, then switches it out from underneath and catches it with the front foot.

The best places to skate Street-style include city squares, parks and city centres, where there are plenty of facilities for use in tricks. In London, for example, Southbank Square and Southbank Park, Hyde Park, Coram Park, South Bank Lyceum, Gardens-by-the-Sea and Embankment are popular places to ride street-style. In New York, some of the best spots include Washington Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park and Tompkins Park.

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Although street-style skateboarding can be quite dangerous if you are inexperienced or don’t perform the tricks correctly, it can offer incredible freedom and opportunity for self-expression.

Vert – this style of skateboarding is performed on vertical walls, usually in special skateparks.

Vert skating, or vertical skating, is a type of skateboarding that takes place inside vertical hemispheres (ramp). This type of riding requires high speed, agility and daring, and is one of the most spectacular extreme sports.

The basic techniques of Vert skating include:

Air – this is the main technique in Vert skating, which consists of jumping to the maximum height and performing various tricks in the air.

Grab is a technique in which the skater takes hold of the skateboard while jumping. There are many variations of Grab, such as Indy, Melon, Tail Grab and others.

Flip is a trick that is performed by twisting (turning) the skateboard around its axis. Some famous Flip tricks in Vert skating are Kickflip, Heelflip and Varial Flip.

Grind is a technique in which the skater slides along a metal railing or the edges of a ramp. Some famous Grind tricks are 50-50, Nose Grind and Feeble Grind.

The Stall is a technique where the skater stops at the top of the ramp and balances on the back or front wheels of the skateboard. Some famous Stall tricks are Rock and Roll, Disaster and Invert.

The best places for Vert riding are special skate parks and indoor areas that have vertical hemispheres and other structures to perform the tricks. Some of the best places to Vert skate in London include The House Skatepark in the London Borough of Leytonstone and BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park in the London Borough of Ladbrook Grove. These venues offer different sizes and ramp configurations, allowing skaters of all levels to test their skills and perform a variety of techniques.

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Freestyle – a style based on performing various tricks and movements, including spins, balancing and many more.

In Freestyle skateboarding there are many different techniques and tricks that can be used to create beautiful and graceful combinations. Some of these techniques include:

Cross-Step: This is a movement in which the skateboarder moves their feet alternately across the front of the board to create a smooth and graceful step. This can be used to move across the board or to create a rhythmic and elegant combination.

Pogo: A technique in which the skateboarder jumps on the skateboard using the feet to push off the surface. This can be used to create rhythmic combinations and jumps.

Casper Flip: This is a technique in which the skateboarder uses one foot to flip the board around its axis and then catch it with the other foot. It is a technique that requires good coordination and balance.

Rail Flip: This is a technique in which the skateboarder uses his feet to flip the board around its axis and catch it with one of the boards and then return the board to its original position. This can be used to create complex and elegant combinations.

No-Comply: This is a technique in which the skateboarder uses his feet to bounce off the board and then bring it back. It is a technique that can be used to create rhythmic and original combinations.

G-Turn: This is a technique in which the skateboarder uses his foot to turn the board around its axis and then reverses the direction of movement. This can be used to create rhythmic and elegant combinations.

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Downhill – this style of skateboarding involves a fast descent from the mountain, so requires a certain level of experience and skills.

Slalom – this style of skateboarding involves passing specially marked routes where you need to manoeuvre between cones and other obstacles.

There are also many other styles and types of skateboarding, such as longboarding, cruising, and many more, each with their own characteristics and execution techniques. The choice of skateboarding style depends on your preferences and level of training.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport which includes many different kinds of skating. Some skateboarding is used for performing tricks while others are used for long distance or high speed riding. Let’s take a closer look at the main types of skateboarding:

Freestyle is a type of riding in which the skateboarder performs various tricks using the surface of the skateboard and his or her dexterity. Tricks may include spins, jumps, slides and more.

Ramps are skateboarding on specially designed ramps that allow skateboarders to perform tricks in the air, including jumps, spins and grinds.

Street style is a type of skateboarding that involves skating on streets, squares, stairs and other public areas. Skateboarders can perform various tricks using the environment.

Cruising is skateboarding over long distances. This type of riding involves speed riding and riding on different surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and gravel.

Downhill skateboarding is skateboarding down mountains or steep slopes. This type of riding involves high speed and requires the skateboarder to have good coordination and speed control.

Slalom is skateboarding where skateboarders skate along a predetermined route, between cones or other obstacles. This kind of skateboarding requires the skateboarder to have good manoeuvrability and speed control.

Electric skateboarding is a new type of skateboarding that is powered by an electric motor. This type of skateboarding allows skateboarders to ride long distances without fatigue and to reach higher speeds.

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