Examining The 9 Shapes Of Diamonds When Purchasing a Ring

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When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, most men will typically go with the most traditional look they can find. But what does that mean exactly? There are different types of engagement rings, and while they all share a few similar elements, their designs are unique enough to stand out. 

From classic round diamonds to octagonal cut diamonds and oval cut diamonds, there are plenty of unique shapes of diamond rings available, with many of them being exclusive to certain brands. That’s why you should know about the various diamond ring shapes if you plan on buying one. 

This guide will help you understand the different shapes of diamonds and how they differ from one another so that you can find a perfect engagement ring!

1. Square Cut Diamonds

As the name implies, this is a diamond ring that features a square shape with sides that are all equal in length. This shape is typically reserved for diamonds that are very light in color and have a lower clarity than round cut diamonds. However, fancy colored diamond rings are also available in this shape, making them ideal for engagement rings.

2. Oval Diamonds

This is one of the most popular shapes of diamond rings because of its unique aesthetic.  These diamond rings have a more organic and organic feel to them compared to the traditional square shapes, making them more appealing to wear. 

The center of the oval diamond is usually slightly curved, which makes these rings look more natural. Because of this, oval diamonds are ideal for those who want to select an engagement ring that has a more personal touch.

Another reason why this shape is so popular is because of its versatility. It can be paired with any type of gemstone, and it can also be used in certain types of engagement ring settings.

3. Round Diamonds

If you’re looking for a classic engagement ring that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, then this shape is one that you should consider. The round diamonds are known for their brilliant white color and flawless clarity. 

Moreover, round diamonds are known for their classic look and timeless elegance. 

They’re typically the best choice for an engagement ring because of the way they decorate a ring setting and many people even prefer them when it comes to wedding rings. 

4. Heart Shaped Diamonds

A heart-shaped diamond ring is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to make a statement. That’s because it’s not only one of the most romantic engagement ring shapes, but it’s also one of the most unique. 

The heart-shaped diamond is known for its softer and more feminine feel compared to the classic square or round diamond shapes. That’s why this is the perfect engagement ring shape for those who identify as female. 

5. Octagon Diamonds

This is one of the newer diamond shapes that has taken the world by storm. The octagon diamond is known for its eight-sided shape and is shaped in such a way that it looks very organic.Octagonal diamonds are available in different colors, making it easy to find one that matches your partner’s color preferences or style of fashion.

Additionally, the octagon diamond is known for its unique scintillation and be paired with other gemstones, which makes it ideal for engagement rings. 

6. Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond is known for its unique green color. That’s because the diamond is cut in such a way that only the green parts are visible. While the emerald cut diamond is indeed a unique shape, it’s not very popular among diamond ring shoppers. 

That’s because this is a high-priced engagement ring, and most people aren’t willing to spend that much on an engagement ring. But if you’re willing to splurge a bit, however, you may want to consider an emerald cut diamond for an engagement ring.

7. Hexagon Diamonds

The hexagon diamond is a square-shaped diamond with sides that are all of the same length. This is yet another extremely unique hexagonal symmetry shape, and it’s a rare find. The hexagon diamond is also known for its perfect balance of brilliance, color, and clarity, and is highly regarded for its beauty. 

8. Step Cut Diamonds

The step cut diamond is yet another rare and unique shape of diamond rings. These diamonds have a step cut, which means that they are bisected by a horizontal plane. 

The step cut diamond is a relatively new diamond shape that has only become common in the past few decades. However, they are still very difficult to find which makes it one of the rarest and most expensive diamond shapes, so it’s best to only buy it if you can afford it.

9. Princess Cut Diamonds

These diamond rings have a princess cut, which means that they’re shaped like a perfectly round square, with sharp symmetrical lines all round. However, they are best for those on a budget because there’s much less wastage during the cutting process as compared to other shapes like round diamonds.  

The Bottom Line: Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Now that you know about the different diamond shapes and how they differ from one another, you’re ready to shop for engagement rings! However, finding the perfect ring can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start.

To make the process a lot less overwhelming, you first need to decide what type of engagement ring you want to buy. If you want to go with a classic engagement ring, then you should try to find a-round diamond or an oval-cut diamond. 

Once you’ve decided what kind of engagement ring you want to buy, you’ll want to find a store that sells engagement rings. There are many stores that sell engagement rings, and you’ll want to find one that has a wide selection of engagement rings. Walk through the store and look at various engagement rings before picking out the one that you like the best.  

diamond ring

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