How To Write A Plagiarism-Free Research Paper

Research Paper

Students learn, adopt and imbibe the values of academic integrity throughout their college and university life. Academic integrity not only develops your academics but also shapes your professional life. Plagiarism-free content is one of the practices of academic integrity.  

Universities have strict rules and guidelines on plagiarism. But the problem is that producing completely plagiarism-free writing is quite challenging. 

Students succumb to this pressure. Even if they work hard on their language, they can not simply avoid plagiarism. So keeping this in mind, we suggest specific recommendations for you to prepare a plagiarism-free research paper.

Writing Plagiarism Free Research Paper

Writing plagiarism-free research papers is the main requisite for a quality research paper. A student must be religious in ensuring plagiarism-free paper. This is a hallmark of academic integrity. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can cheat plagiarism. 

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1. Avoid Any Kind Of Copy Paste

Writing assignments is quite a difficult endeavor. At every step, you need to ensure that you adhere to the norms and regulations of the university. There is no shortcut to a quality assignment. 

Research and though research is the ultimate need to prepare strong assignments. Simply speaking, you need to devote time to data. But we fall into the trap and can not resist our temptations. 

We copy-paste information straight away. We also don’t refer to it. So, we fall into the trap of plagiarism. One safe way is using writing software. Pricey? Go to thenewpiratebay and download them free. 

2. Create Your Own Ideas

Quality research demands your time and involvement. Therefore, you need to consider how different you can make your research different from others. There are certain ways through which you can make it thoroughly different.  

  • Work on your Introduction; you can begin with some statistical data or an interesting quotation. Then, you can straight away arrest the interest of readers.
  • In the Literature Review section, be creatively coupled with tactical while you are making the headings. They work well.
  • In the result and discussion section, follow the style different from your friends. For example, suppose your friends follow the Secondary method; you go for the Primary method of data collection.
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3. Content Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is one art that you ought to learn. You need to focus on your diction and selection of writing style. 

Here are certain ways you could do it.

  • Read, read and read.
  • Try to understand what the data imply.
  • Use simple words while you are paraphrasing.

While you are on a project, you need to work a lot on your reading. Practice thorough reading. That is the secret. 

4. Use Plagiarism Free Software 

That you have worked a lot on your language, and the assignment itself does not guarantee plagiarism-free writing. 

If you go into the roots, you can find out that the students from Africa and the Subcontinent don’t have English as their first language. That might be the reason they falter with writing. 

But now you have some respite from writing plagiarised content. There is software like Turn it in and Copyscape that catch plagiarism. This software is highly reliable and saves you from plagiarism. 

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5. Make Use Of Quotations And Statistical Data

Make use of quotations while you are writing your assignment. These quotations increase the quality of your assignment. When you work on the quotation, ensure that you put these within the quotation mark. 

If you are using quotations, you make them standard. Even teachers like quotations for a change. But choose the quotations following the context. Otherwise, things may go wrong.

Remember you are following your thesis statement. Therefore, you need to back your data continuously with a good amount of statistical data. These make your assignment analytical and trustworthy.  

Is This All?

Other than the one mentioned, there are some other ways that you need to follow to avoid plagiarism. Referencing and putting a reference list is one of the ways. 

Whenever you take information from earlier studies, ensure you work hard on referencing styles and conventions. 

So follow the ways discussed above to get away from plagiarism-free content.

Research Paper

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