Motorcycle Accessories to Consider For Safety and Comfort

Motorcycle accessories

The motorcycle market is ever growing. New technologies and innovations are released often and make riding your motorcycle much more pleasant. Whether you ride for fun or participate in a motorcycle sport: good gear and accessories for safety are essential. Because of all these new technologies, there are many accessories that you can consider purchasing for your bike. Find out what accessories there are and why you should have them.

Accessories for all motorcyclists 

If you regularly take your bike out for a road trip, use it to commute between home and work, or participate in a motorcycle sport: these accessories are useful for all kinds of riders. Protect yourself during your trip and make your time on the road extra pleasant with the following accessories.

Sun visor

A sun visor is something that you might not have considered when you bought your helmet on a rainy day. The sun visor is in fact an essential add-on to your gear. Most helmets come with a built-in sun visor, but not all of them have one. A sun visor protects you from harmful UV-lights that can damage your eyes. It also provides shade so that your vision stays clear on a sunny day. Sun visors help you to be able to see clearly and therefore prevent accidents with vehicles, animals, or persons that you didn’t see because of bright sunlight. Always buy motorcycle helmets that have a sun visor if you’re planning on using your bike for road trips or commuting. 

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Graphics Kit

The safety of the rider and the vehicle is also protected by graphic kits. When a motorcycle is in motion, marks and scratches could happen. It will be hard for the rider to identify the label of the parts of the motorcycle. If a graphics kit is installed, your bike will be more visible to other road users. The motorcycle body will remain shielded by the protective shield to ensure its safety by ensuring that its body is not immediately scratched or gouged. If you’re looking for a Yamaha graphics kit, you can check some shops online to ensure that you and your bike will be secured during your journey, no matter how dangerous the streets are or how congested the roadways are.

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Emergency repair kit

An emergency repair kit can help you to get back on the road after you’ve had a flat tire. Driving around with a spare tire like a car is impossible and therefore you should always be able to repair your tire, should you need it. Especially when you’re riding solo and have nobody to help you, being able to repair your own bike will help you to get home quickly. The most useful kit to purchase is a picture kit with a portable inflator. With this kit you can repair your tire and inflate it if it has lost pressure. You’ll be back on the road in no-time.

Hazard lights

Not every motorcycle has hazard lights, but they certainly should have. Motorcycles are small and can sometimes surprise others on the road. Especially in the dark, motorcyclists are often hard to spot. Hazard lights make it possible for motorcyclists to be more visible when driving in the dark or when stopped next to the road. They increase safety and visibility and are certainly an essential feature that every motorbike should have. 

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Rear lift prevention

Rear lift prevention is a feature that you can add to your motorcycle. When motorcyclists are forced to stop suddenly, they tend to hit the brakes quite hard. This often results in the rear of the bike lifting while the front already stopped, throwing the motorcyclists off the bike. To prevent crashes in these situations, rear lift prevention can be very useful. Rear lift prevention can be added in both single-channel and dual-channel ABS. The rider gets more control over the bike and the rear will stay safely on the ground.

Extensive tool kit

When you buy a bike, it usually comes with a tool kit provided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, these tool kits are very basic and won’t even help you if you need to fix a tire or tighten a mirror. Purchasing a better and more extensive toolkit can truly be a lifesaver. Make sure that you buy a compact tool kit that has tools in all sorts of sizes and shapes. 

Motorcycle accessories

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