Roulette: Inside and Outside Bets Explained


When it comes to the iconic wheel, there are many ways in which you can grab yourself a spin. You can play in person down your local gambling establishment, explore one of the many real money online Roulette games ready and waiting within the virtual casino lobby or pull up a virtual seat in a live-streamed game from a specialised studio straight to your device of choice.

Whichever way you decide to play, it’s always good to brush up on your betting know-how. So with this in mind, we thought it’d be a great time to refresh ourselves with the ins and outs of some of the inside and outside bets you can place on the Roulette table.

Inside Bets

Bets placed inside the numbered area of the table layout, are known as inside bets. There are various ways you can place an inside bet, here are just a few:

  • Straight Up
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If you’re wanting to place a wager down on a single number. This is known as a Straight Up bet and carries a betting odd of 35:1.

To place a Straight Up bet, simply place your betting chip(s) on the number you predict will win the game.

  • Basket

If you were to place betting chips on the first four numbers – 0, 1, 2 and 3 – this bet type would be known as a Basket bet. The betting odds for a Basket bet are 6:1.

  • Split

If you can’t decide between two numbers that happen to be next to each other on the table layout, either left or right, above or below, you can place a Split bet. As you’re effectively placing a bet on two numbers, the odds are 17:1.

To place a Split bet, you simply need to place a betting chip(s) on the line between both numbers.

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Outside Bets.

Bets placed outside of the numbered area of the table layout are known as outside bets. There are many ways in which you can place an outside bet, here are just a few:

  • Red / Black

If you’d rather predict the colour of the winning pocketed compartment of the wheel, rather than the number side of things, you can place a Red / Black bet. The betting odds for this bet type are 1:1.

To do this, simply place a betting chip(s) in either the box stating red or black. This can be found as text within a box with the colour of the font either red or black, or the boxes themselves can be coloured in with a red or black block.

  • Odd / Even

If predicting whether the winning number will be odd or even is more you’re thing, then the Odd / Even bet type could be the bet for you. The odds for this bet type are 1:1.

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To place an Odd / Even bet, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) in either the box stating Odd or Even.

  • Low / High

Rather than predicting if the winning number called out falls in either the odd or even category, there’s a bet type called Low / High, that allows you to predict if the number will be high – between 19 and 36, or low – between 1 and 18. The odds attached to this bet are 1:1.

To place a Low / High bet, simply place a betting chip(s) in the box stating either High or Low.

With your inside and outside betting know-how refreshed, which bet type will you be placing down on the table next time you spin the wheel?


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