The Increasing Popularity of Queen Elizabeth Inu Shitcoins


She had acquired the label of the longest-serving monarch in the world, when she died in 2022, at her Balmoral estate. Yes, indeed, we are talking about Queen Elizabeth II. She had been ruling the UK, since February 1952, covering a period of 70 years, 214 days. If you want to know more about this topic, kindly visit this website and enhance your knowledge. 

The 96-year-old Queen also ruled over 14 other realms, while she was alive. All the realms belonged to the Commonwealth. Amongst these realms, were Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, too. 

True, fans of Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchial system, are unhappy about what has happened. However, the cryptocurrency world also viewed her passing away as an opportunity to capitalize on free publicity. It went all out to introduce royal-themed tokens, as quickly as possible. 

A Special Gift for the Queen

It is believed that the Queen, herself, had an interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, there is no real proof of it. The only thing that the Financial Times Report of 2020, must go on, is the receipt of a journal by the Queen. 

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The British Blockchain Association had sent her a specific journal. It was supposed to be the world’s sole, peer-reviewed publication. Then again, it concentrated on the science and technology linked to blockchain development. Apart from this information, the journal also talked about blockchain projects, backed by Prefigurative Post-politics and the Government. Then again, there was information about GDPR, and gender change. 

A delighted Queen expressed great appreciation for the thoughtful gesture. Her private secretary’s office managed to convey this to the British Blockchain Association. Of course, the circulating news led to all kinds of speculation. 

Many wondered if the Queen owned Bitcoin, and if so, how many. After all, it is one of the best places to gain information about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies!

The Queen-Themed Tokens

The token with the royal theme, was publicized by the Ethereum network, and Binance’s BNB Chain, both decentralized exchanges. The label given to the token is Queen Elizabeth Inu. The World Wide Web is being scattered with meme coins and shit coins, at an astounding speed. 

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In fact, there are already 40+ Queen-themed meme coins in circulation. They have been awarded names, such as God Save the Queen, Queen Doge, Queen Elizabeth Inu, Rip Queen Elizabeth, Queen Grow, Elizabeth II, London Bridge is Down, and Queen Inu II. 

The time between her death and launching of digital currencies has been very short. Yet, the meme coins have been selling wonderfully well. The trading volume is overwhelming. It has already touched $1.6 million, as reported by BSC-based PancakeSwap. 

NFT Communities Pay Their Last Respects

Even the NFT dumps are being grabbed like crazy! Each dump is focused on one year of the Queen’s reign. Thus, the collection of NFTs covers all the 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s rule. 

The RIP Queen Elizabeth II refers to a memorial collection. It consists of 522 items. They were launched on OpenSea, and have been extremely active. This is the way that NFT communities are expressing their last respects towards the Queen. 

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In contrast, just about 0.23 ETH worth of tokens have been grabbed by the fans. The monetary worth of these tokens, amounts of $394. 

The snag is that the many projects have hardly any liquidity. This may initiate pumps-and-dumps that are short lived. Therefore, purchasers should be cautious when opting for Queen Elizabeth Inu.

The New King Also Benefits

The Commonwealth has lost a Queen, but gained a King. He is King Charles III. The crypto world has not forgotten to honor his entry into the monarchy, either. Already, there are King Charles Inu in circulation. Each token is CHARLES. Even this token has taken off with a bang! It is all due to the launching of the Queen-themed coins. The publicity surrounding CHARLES, can only go sky high, in alignment with the new King’s coronation. 

His token goes by the labels of God Save the King, and Rise of the King. Soon after their creation, the tokens have pumped around 2,000%. They are currently on show, on Dex Screener. This platform maps highly-reputed digital assets on Uniswap, which is powered by Ethereum.


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