What To Consider When Looking For Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Research suggests a strong connection exists between mental disorders and addiction. Deciding to seek out treatment for both takes courage and bravery. Embarking on your recovery journey is not easy, and it will take everything you’ve got to get on track. Given the severity of what you’re achieving for yourself, you want to ensure that the treatment facility you attend is capable of meeting your needs.

Not all treatment centers for addiction and mental health disorders are the same. There are many ways you can sift through options and note the warning signs of facilities that are unlikely to meet your needs. Unfortunately, many facilities are primarily interested in making money and do not have the type of care needed to ensure that patients leave with plans for a lasting recovery.

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Just as there are things to avoid, there are things to look for in the treatment facilities you are considering. Start your treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment center that you trust. To discover more information and learn more about what to look for in your treatment center, continue reading below before searching queries like ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me.’

Medical Staff Is Always Available

Detoxing from drugs is a serious process that requires the convenience of having medical staff available to assist you throughout your recovery. Staff monitoring can help you detox safely and stay the course until the end of treatment. You will likely experience severe withdrawal symptoms, and having medical care can make this process easier. Search under ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ to find facilities with 24/7 medical staff. 

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Volunteers Are Red Flags: Search ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ to find suitable options  

Many detox facilities are made up of a staff directory that includes some medical staff but primary volunteers. Supportive care providers are not truly what you need to ensure a safe and successful recovery. When you search ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me,’ look instead for options that include an extensive medical staff of doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, etc., to get the medical support you need.  

Avoid Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers With Luxury Amenities 

Some centers are advertising luxury amenities to create the illusion of a retreat. The truth is that recovery is not a vacation. It’s hard work that should be seen as a step forward and a time for intense rest. Stay away from treatment facilities that focus intently on unnecessary amenities. To avoid these places, search ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ and look for centers that offer a no-frills approach to recovery. Beyond medical staff and a no-frills approach to recovery, you want to look for dual diagnosis treatment centers to help you work through your mental health issues and addictions.

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Find Care Teams that Prioritize Your Mental Health And Addiction Recovery 

An aftercare plan for addressing your mental health and avoiding relapse should be part of the general protocol. Search ‘dual diagnosis treatment centers near me’ to find care teams that prioritize both issues.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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