5 Ways to Stay Organized Through College and Beyond

Stay Organized

For some, staying organized is second nature. However, staying organized can be a challenge for most of us.

In college, staying organized can be especially tough. Many things can fall through the cracks with classes to attend, papers to write, and exams to study for. That is why being organized is so important. It will save you from spending countless hours searching for your USB drive with your presentation on it or tracking down your roommate who has the textbook you need for class.

You can employ several strategies to help you stay organized in college and beyond. Check out these six ways to better organize your life:


A planner is the most basic way to stay organized in college. Some students don’t use planners and instead choose to keep everything digitally. It is up to you which you prefer.

When going for a planner, it’s best to find one that fits your personality. There are countless options, from small ones that fit inside your purse to large ones with plenty of room for notes.

Shopping List

A shopping list is a convenient way to stay organized when shopping. Instead of making random trips to the grocery store where you buy only what you remembered while driving over, keep a list of staples you know you will need at home. This will help keep costs down and ensure that nothing is forgotten or unplanned.

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You can also do this for school supplies, clothes, and anything else you may need throughout the year. This method is beneficial if you have roommates. It makes it easier for everyone to know what is required when it comes time for a grocery run or other errand.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is not just the stuff we see and feel, but all the things we can’t see — like all the emails in your inbox. One of the best ways to stay organized is to get rid of everything you are hanging onto for no reason. Before you start working on your space, take some time to go through what’s there and ask yourself whether or not it adds value to your life. If not, get rid of it.

Start by going through everything on your desk and in your drawers. Do you need these things? Will you use these things? If the answer is yes, then keep them. If not, toss them in a box for donations or a recycling bin.

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Tuition payments, homework assignments, exams, and more are all things you have to keep track of when going to school. A calendar is an excellent tool for keeping track of these things and providing a visual display of your week.

You can use calendars in multiple ways; you can use one on your phone or computer or make one on paper. Setting reminders in a calendar is a great way to keep yourself updated on what you need to complete. You can set reminders for tasks, events, and other things you need to finish during the week.

Calendars provide another helpful tool to see how long you have till something is due or an event happens. This can help you plan out your time and get more things done if you know exactly how much time you have left till something happens.

Take Notes

Notes are the bread and butter for essay writers. It is the definitive evidence of one’s learning. The main goal of taking notes is to capture the key points to study them later. It is best to write down everything as legibly as possible while also translating information into your own words as much as possible. This will help you recall information more easily when it comes time for exams.

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While not everyone is good at taking handwritten notes, there are a couple of ways to improve your note-taking skills. First, look for patterns in how your professor lectures. Do they use keywords, certain expressions, or other prompts? Focus on these cues.

Get Rid of Distractions 

Find a spot where you can focus on studying without getting distracted. This might be easier said than done if you live in the dorms, but it’s crucial for your grades. If there are people around who will make it difficult for you to focus, go somewhere else. A quiet study hall or library is always an option, or maybe even just a coffee shop away from campus if you have one nearby.

Final Takeaway

Is your backpack more cluttered than a claw machine full of gummy bears? Are you struggling to keep track of assignments, class schedules, and social plans? Time to get organized. These six tips will bolster your efforts, helping you stay on top of it all as you finish school and start your career.

Stay Organized

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