7 Best Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Part-Time Jobs

College life is expensive, and we’re not talking about tuition. Students have other monetary needs such as purchasing food, paying bills, and treating themselves once in a while, like going out with friends. To fulfill these needs, some students opt to seek out part-time employment. Most colleges support students having part-time jobs and even offer some on-campus positions such as teaching assistants, baristas, research assistants, and peer tutors. 

The challenge is most of the on-campus jobs are snapped up early by other students. Thus, many collegians have to be creative and seek employment off-campus. This article offers some of the best off-campus part-time jobs for students. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Part-Time Job

Even though it is important to get a job while studying, some factors need to be considered to help balance your academics and work. They include:


The job should be somewhere easily accessible to you, preferably close to the campus and where you live. If you have a car, you can choose part-time jobs further away, as long as it is worth it. 

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Find a job that fulfills your current income needs. It will help ease your budget and eliminate money-related stress.


Pick a job that fits into your academic schedule without disrupting it. Remember, you also need to achieve your academic goals. So there should be a balance between work and school.

Experience Needed

Ensure you have the required experience for the job you are applying for. It will help you settle faster at work and avoid some work-related stress.

Career Relevance

If you’re not entirely in it for the money, find a job that aligns with your career path, such as an internship. You might have to settle for less money, but the experience gained might serve you in the future. 

Pet Sitter/ Dog Walking Jobs

Dog walking jobs are a fun way of earning money in college. The hours are good, and you can earn some decent pocket money, about $10-$20 an hour. Some websites offer pet sitters and owners a place to interact and work together. So the internet should be your first resource for getting such jobs quickly.

Fast Food Attendants

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work around the sweet aroma of your favorite snacks? You can try to work at a fast-food joint. The most common position here is the food attendant job. It entails taking orders from clients, assembling the order, and serving customers. The attendant can also be in charge of the register, which means you should be good with numbers. 

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You can also apply to be a freelance copywriter for different sites. Copywriting is the only job on this list where all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can do it from the comfort of your room. Copywriting hours are flexible because you decide when to take jobs, and the pay can range from $10 to $25 per hour. 

The catch is that your English has to be great, and you need to be good at writing. If you tend to rely on essay writing help for your papers, this might not be the best option for you. 

Servers/Waiter/Waitressing Jobs 

Waiters and waitresses are tasked with greeting clients, taking their orders, and serving them their meals. It’s a job that requires a lot of patience in dealing with clients and a naturally pleasant person. Servers have to be good at communicating and should possess excellent listening skills. Serving is a good position because individuals are allowed to earn tips alongside their fixed salaries. 

Bar Attendant

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You can find part-time employment serving customers at bars or pubs. Bar jobs are convenient because they mainly involve weekends and evening shifts. Therefore, they won’t interfere with one’s learning. Furthermore, pubs are a lively environment with many opportunities to interact with new people. 

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Nanny/Babysitting Jobs 

Babysitting jobs are flexible and can pay well. They also offer a useful experience to students who have their future set on teaching, healthcare, and social work. Since you have to deal with other people’s kids, you have to apply for the job directly. You will also need to pass a few background checks and provide references. 

Brand Ambassador 

Brand ambassadors represent a company and use different tactics to improve brand awareness and increase sales. They always have to represent the brand that sponsors them in a positive light. 

To become a brand ambassador, you need a decent following on social media, plus the ability to drive sales. It can be lucrative because it involves flexible hours and pays a decent amount of money, depending on the brand. 

Closing Remarks 

Part-time jobs provide a healthy way to fund your college lifestyle. Besides, they equip you with essential values like work ethic and help develop some life skills. Furthermore, any form of employment helps improve your resume once you’re ready to launch your career. However, you should ensure the job you pick does not interfere with your academics. Education should always come first.

Part-Time Jobs

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