Features and Benefits of a Keratin Hair Mask

keratin hair

Why are manufacturers proud of keratin in their products? Because this compound is known to be revolutionary in hair care! Every year more and more specialists become the fans of keratin, and there are lots of reasons for this! In this article you will learn everything about keratin hair mask as well as how to choose it.

What is a keratin hair mask?

The mask with keratin is an essential product for brittle, dry, porous, frizzy and tired hair, worn out by frequent bleaching and heat styling. It contains the structural protein keratin, similar to the that which makes up the cortex of human hair. In theory, keratin should fill in the damage and complete the skeleton of the hair shaft.

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Scientists have learned how to create small molecules of keratin by hydrolysis, as well as grind it down to amino acids – powerful “kids” responsible for the bonds between keratin fibers. In addition, keratin treatment often contains the so-called vegetable (for example, wheat or soy) keratin – an eco-friendly analogue of animal keratin, which performs the same function of filling the hair shaft and does just as well. 

Pros of keratin hair treatment

There are a plethora of keratin masks benefits:

  • Restoring and moisturizing the hair. Keratin completes the damaged areas of the cortex and cuticle, hence, it is easier for the hair to retain moisture.
  • Increasing hair elasticity. This is noted by all fans of keratin masks: the hair really stops breaking off along the length.
  • Thickening of the hairline. The hair increases in diameter and becomes thinner towards the tips.
  • Protection. The formula of such masks necessarily includes oils or silicones that cover the hair with the thinnest screen that protects the cuticle and cortex from damage.
  • Shine. Thanks to the usage of this product, cuticle scales adhere to each other more tightly, reflecting light better.
  • Weighting and straightening effect. The product returns a healthy heaviness to the hair, smoothing waviness and creases.
  • Anti-frizz. Hair to hair without unpleasant “antennas”? With a professional keratin mask – easily!
  • High concentration of active substances. The thick consistency of the product speaks for itself – it is much more effective than sprays and conditioners.
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How to choose a hair mask with keratin?

There is no universal mask for all hair types. Even if your best friend is delighted with the X mask, do not rush to buy the same one. Evaluate the type and structure of your hair, decide on its features and take into account the tips of experts. To select the best keratin treatment, check the following components in the compound:

  • hydrolyzed keratin,
  • amino acids,
  • complexes of vegetable proteins (for example, prokeratin). 

There is an opinion that collagen alone defeats them, but in fact this protein shows itself better in working with the cuticle and as part of the diet, and keratin hair masks have a much deeper effect in the very hair. An important condition for the effectiveness of keratin care is the functionality of additional substances in the formula. Fat cells (ceramides), moisturizing ingredients (panthenol, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and others), antistatic components, silicones, vitamins and organic acids are perfectly combined with keratin. Now you are aware of the most important components of a good keratin hairmask. So, choose your product, be healthy and beatiful!

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keratin hair

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