Cool Short Men’s And Boys Hairstyles for You

hairstyles for boys

If you haven’t considered short boy hairstyles this year, this is the right time to consider some before this year ends. Nowadays, men are not left behind in fashion, and just like women, they want to be noticed by rocking trendy hairstyles. In the past years, we have seen various classy styles improving daily. This could be because guys are becoming increasingly aware of their appearances.

As such, they need hairstyles that make them feel comfortable and look charming. Though for many years, medium-length haircuts and buns have been popular among men, short haircuts remain the ‘reigning kings’ in the field of men’s styling because of their precise styling and clean cuts. Nowadays, the rules are less concerning, and boys have chosen to make their unique statement and create their signature haircuts. You should check out these boy hairstyles and draw some inspiration.

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Pompadour Haircut

If you choose a pompadour haircut, we recommend that you go for a disconnected pompadour as it is the trend. In this hairstyle, the hair is faded or clipped close on the sides, while the hair on top is left long and voluminous. The top hair is further slicked back.

It is an excellent style for all boys, regardless of nationality. If you need a quiff hairstyle that looks different, choose a combed-back pompadour that is the trend.

Spiky Top and Mid Fade

One of the most amazing ways to rock boy hairstyles is to maintain the hair on top of your head a little bit longer than the hair on the sides and back. For a standout look that is also stylish, use pomade to create spikes. It is a boyish yet composed style. 

Grey Comb Over and a Hard Part

Modern boy hairstyles are more versatile than you might think. If you like a men’s haircut that is on the dramatic side, then choose a deep part in your manes and create a sleek comb-over. This hairstyle is ideal for guys looking to reveal off greying hair in a chic and sophisticated manner. 

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Messy Spikes and a Low Fade

You don’t need to be too drastic with faded haircuts, but it makes sense to show off some contrast when possible. Fades appear fabulous on all hair types, especially for the guys with natural lift and volume at their hair roots. 

However, you can enhance the spikes of your hair by use of a small amount of pomade. Style the long hair and then define the tips to rock this cool but sleek look.

Taper Cut

A standard taper cut for boys incorporates thick hair on top that gradually decreases in length on the nape and the sides of the head. You want to avoid combing your tapered hairstyle but maintain it using products and regular shampoos. Failure to do that, your tapered haircut will look wild. Taper haircut is one of the most requested boy hairstyles in barbershops thanks to its versatility.

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Fade Haircut

A faded haircut is like a single constitute of many styles. You can rock a low fade, middle fade, and high fade haircut. 

When it comes to low fade, only the lower half of hair is shaved while the top hair is trimmed and left slightly longer. You can also choose a classic taper fade where the top hair is a little longer than the standard fade. 

You can also choose a high fade haircut where almost the entire head is shaved, leaving some hair on the crown relatively longer than the rest of the faded hair. Let your barber know if you want to leave long hair on top. In case you want to rock a more casual look, choose Mohawk.

Modern Boys Haircut

Both men and boys look charming with this superbly sculpted haircut. The trick of hammering this hairstyle is to focus on both facial hair and the manes on top. Add styling products such as pomade to

hairstyles for boys

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