In the modern day, Business-To-Business (B2B) apps have become exciting segments in the industry. Mobile app development market has been growing exponentially for users. More than 27.6 billion on Android downloads as well as 8.1 billion on the iOS platform downloads, have been made as of the Third quarter of […]

If you haven’t considered short boy hairstyles this year, this is the right time to consider some before this year ends. Nowadays, men are not left behind in fashion, and just like women, they want to be noticed by rocking trendy hairstyles. In the past years, we have seen various […]

Coaching in the NFL is not for the faint of heart. There are constant demands from the players, ownership, fandom, and the media that a head coach must answer to and address. Being able to impress that many stakeholders at any given time is difficult to balance with coaching the […]

Technology has evolved to levels that may seem unimaginable to many with VR being possibly the most intriguing part. The thought of living a second digital life or experiencing unique experiences no one has before is very tempting. The experience is already shockingly good and immersive which brings excitement to […]

Nowadays, playing online casino games and other forms of gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes worldwide. And while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a casual game of poker with friends or trying your luck at the slots every now and then, some people tend to develop a more severe […]

Over 90% of today’s businesses are small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Unfortunately, though, most of those SMEs struggle to get by in competitive markets. Only the most efficient, effective SMEs survive for long enough to gain a foothold and begin to grow. While larger companies undeniably have access to a […]

DBS, the famous bank of Singapore, plans to expand its cryptocurrency services to top-tier clients across Asia. The bank wishes to expand its current digital asset exchange to larger Asian clients in particular. Currently, on digital exchanges, DBS has almost 1000 members. The wealthy clientele base sums to nearly 300,000 […]

UK’s Treasury economic secretary Richard Fuller stated that the government of the country aims to make the nation a global crypto technology hub. As per current reports, in a parliamentary debate around the regulation of crypto assets, Richard Fuller showed full support for use cases of crypto and blockchain technology. […]

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