How You Can Read More Books Despite University Stress – Practical Tips

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Would you like to read more? Despite studying, part-time job, and hobbies? Then follow these tips:

Make a Reading List!

It’s nice for you that you want to read more. But “wanting” alone is not enough. You have to put your good intentions into action – and the first step in this direction is to initiate a concrete reading plan. Put down in writing which books you want to read and define a binding deadline for each work. Be realistic, but definitely challenging. Give your fuzzy desires visible form and plan as concretely as possible. This will make it much easier for you to jump into action and tackle one book at a time.

Block Reading Times!

Would you like more time to read? Then you have to stop doing other things and instead set aside time slots where you can devote yourself to your books undisturbed. It sounds incredibly banal, but most people fail at this simple prioritization technique. Therefore, reserve regularly recurring blocks of time in your calendar and keep these appointments free at all costs. Determine fixed reading times when you are not allowed to do anything else – except reading.

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Buy More Books!

If you are serious and want to read more with full conviction, but cannot find any binding impetus to do so, a financial commitment could help you. This trick is simple and just as effective: buy more books. Three small words with a big impact. buy More. Books. Buy that book now that you always wanted to read but for some reason never got around to it. Once you make your investment, an invisible switch is flipped in your mind. You’ve tied yourself financially to the book, you own it, you paid money for it — and that fact makes you far more likely to engage with your new possession.

Make Your Books Visible!

What happens to most books once they come into your possession? They disappear on an IKEA shelf or end up in dusty boxes for further storage. The problem with this is that this type of storage makes your books invisible. And if you are no longer visually reminded of your books, after a while you forget them completely. To prevent that from happening, your books need to stay present. Place each book that you want to read in your room or apartment where it is clearly visible. Put a book on your nightstand, place it on the couch, or drape it prominently in the middle of the floor. Your books need your attention – and to do that, they need to get noticed.

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Reward Yourself for Reading!

With some of your projects, the noblest motives and the best chances of success are not enough to finally get started. What you then need are concrete incentive systems that trigger an initial spark in you: You need a reward that you can look forward to and work towards. Therefore, set a small reward that is due after your next reading session. This reward does not even have to be particularly large or expensive. The only important thing is that it awakens the deep inner desire in you to want to achieve the reading goal under all circumstances. For example, reward yourself with your favorite series, a nice meal, or anything else that you enjoy.

Punish Yourself for Not Reading!

Some people respond very positively to the promise of rewards for good work; others, on the other hand, cannot do anything with this incentive system. No matter what event, no matter how nice, awaits you at the end: it doesn’t help in terms of motivation. What helps then are penalties. Although you could use some pressure to finally break your reading habits. To improve, you should set clear consequences that threaten you in case of failure. For example, impose an internet or smartphone ban if you don’t keep to your reading times. Or forego sweets or alcohol as punishment. But beware: setting penalties is a balancing act. Your punishment must motivate you, but not paralyze you with fear; it must hurt, but it must not be unjust and harmful to your further development.

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Find a Reading Partner!

Big Book of Prejudices: “Reading is something for introverts and loners!” Big Book of Prejudices closes again quickly. Who said you have to read to yourself? Nobody right. Therefore: Find a reliable reading partner and exchange ideas with this person. Talk about your books, tell each other about the content and ask yourself questions. Or: Read the same books and discuss them. There is a huge motivational difference between situations in which you read only for yourself and situations in which the results of your reading work become visible to others. As soon as you have to show the results of your effort to other people, you develop a much higher urge to perform well and persevere.

To Sum Up

Reading is incredibly fun and will enrich your life significantly, you just have to start doing it! Don’t have time to read and enjoy student life with all the assignments weighing down on you? In that case, consider doing what many other learners are and turn to essay writing services.

reading book

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