Remembering the 1994 FIFA World Cup final

world cup 1994

The 1994 FIFA World Cup was an exciting competition that took place in the United States. You can visit 1xBet to make a bet online on this tournament and other major competitions. In the final of the 1994 edition, Brazil faced Italy in a contest that would be decided by penalty shootout for the first time ever.

Both squads also faced each other in the 1970 FIFA World Cup final, which was won by Brazil for a comfortable 4-1 with goals from Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, Gérson and Pelé.

24 years later, both teams encountered each other again, and here things would be much different. When deciding to make a bet online, make sure to visit 1xBet, which has the best possibilities in football and many other sports.

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Different roads to the final

Italy and Brazil were definitely two of the best teams in 1994. Therefore, a final between both squads was not something unexpected. Currently, all sport bet livefrom 1xBet website offers tons of chances to wager on Italy, Brazil, and many other teams.

Brazil’s road to the final was much more convincing than Italy’s one. The South Americans won their group stage without major difficulties, and then they defeated the USA, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Italians barely surpassed the group stage. In fact, all four squads of Italy’s group were tied with four points. Only a single extra goal scored by Italy managed to secure them a place in the round of 16 at the expense of Norway.

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The 1xBet website has all live sports betting options from the best competitions and teams around the world, which also feature the FIFA World Cup.

How did the final match take place

The final match took place on the 17th of July 1994. The match was extremely tight. Whenever a great FIFA World Cup match comes, make the 1xBet apk install procedure, which can be done for absolutely free.

There was a lot of tension, and neither team took a lot of risks, meaning that the 90 minutes ended 0-0. The same happened during the extra time. Goalkeepers Cláudio Taffarel and Gianluca Pagliuca produced great saves, and thanks to them, the match ended 0-0 in the 120 minutes as well.

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The penalty shootout came. However, the Italians were very inaccurate. Many players missed their shots, such as:

  • Franco Baresi;
  • Daniele Massaro;
  • and Roberto Baggio.

The shot missed by Baggio meant that Brazil achieved the fourth title in their history, and the face of the Italian after missing his shot is an iconic scene from the competition. You can download and install the 1xBet apk for absolutely free from the website, which has all the features provided by the desktop platform.

world cup 1994

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