Tech Tools to Help Bridge Students’ Learning Gaps

tech tools

The pandemic exposed the world of education to major scrutiny when the path of remote learning was chosen. It showed the stark inadequacies ofeducational establishments’ understanding, use, and deployment of EdTech tools, apps, and resources. Teachers and students were propelled into unknown territory, unprepared. While teachers put their best foot forward, many students were still left with learning gaps caused by a lack of motivation, engagement, and inadequate home resources. Tech tools are invaluable in bridging the gaps that have been created and reunifying classrooms globally. 

Google Docs

This is one of the best tools for written assignments, presentations, and spreadsheets. All documents can be easily shared between students, teachers, and parents. In addition, those who have access are able e to edit and comment on these shared files.  


Use Padlet to create discussion forums, idea boards, timelines, maps, and portfolios for your students to collaborate on projects. This is a multimedia tool and enhances learning opportunities for students through collaborative, multimodal, and engaging materials.

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Mote allows teachers to embed and record voice notes into documents, slides, and other materials. These notes can be downloaded, transcribed, and translated into other languages for students. Notes can be added as feedback on completed work or an audio recording of feedback can be given. Students are also able to record notes on documents as well. This is a perfect tool for all teachers and increases efficacy, productivity, and accessibility. It is also great for students whose mother tongue is not the same as the language of instruction. Most importantly, it improves students’ learning experience and offers many more learning opportunities.

Language Learning Apps and Platforms

Students whose mother tongue is not the same as the language of instruction, experience larger learning gaps than other students. Apps are a great way to improve language proficiency and can help to close these learning gaps. Language learning apps provide opportunities for students to practice a language through fun, interactive games and quizzes. Among them is Preply’s top language learning platform, with professional, qualified tutors teaching over 15 different languages, including French lessons. They offer fun, flexible group classes and 1-1 sessions tailored to students’ needs.

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Wizer Me

This platform takes the dreaded worksheet and turns it into interactive activities that can be sent at the click of a button. You can add all forms of media and different style questions to produce a thoroughly fun activity for students to complete. And when they’re done, Wizer Me will grade the work for you so you can sit back and create your next engaging, interactive activity!

Sushi Monster and Dragon Box Math

Math seems to be a little like Marmite or Vegemite, you either love it or you hate it. Students who don’t enjoy math may have struggled even more during remote learning and have been left with learning gaps as a result. Sushi Monster uses games to teach and multiplication and addition based on what the Monster needs. Students earn rewards and go up in levels and difficulty as they progress.

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Dragon Box is another math app that can be used in the classroom. It allows kids to play games and complete exciting challenges and activities. There are no quizzes or assessments, and the interface is interactive, brightly colored, and distinctly non-mathy.

What Learning Gaps?

Now students and teachers have grappled and accepted tech into daily learning routines there is no reason for learning gaps to exist.  Tech tools can easily be used alongside more traditional teaching methodologies to provide students with more holistic and flexible learning opportunities. As a result, students will be more engaged, motivated, and ready to learn.

tech tools

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