Things to Consider When You Remodel Your Bathroom

remodel your bathroom

Any remodeling project comes with a high price tag. Major changes are being made to the space during the renovations, and choices made by the owner influence the final cost. What should a person consider when making these choices as part of a bathroom remodel? 

The Focus

The main thing a person needs to know when you remodel your bathroom is the underlying structures must be solid. Beautiful walls and a gorgeous bathtub won’t be of benefit if the plumbing and electrical systems aren’t fully functional. 

Once the systems are up to code and ready for additions, the focus can then turn to the design elements of the room. A person may choose environmentally friendly fixtures or opt for a freestanding tub. The ideas are truly endless for this small space, which homeowners are sure to love. They can make this room their own. 

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Add a Touch of Elegance

While a bathroom is meant to be a functional space, that doesn’t mean the homeowner must do without luxury touches. Consider adding a bidet or a heated toilet seat. Many people now choose to go with a toilet that flushes automatically to reduce the risk of spreading germs. 

Another option is to add steam to the shower. This provides a spa-like experience in the comfort of the home. Consider adding additional features to this shower, such as Wi-Fit or aromatherapy. 

Don’t Overlook the Walls

Every bathroom has walls. This doesn’t mean every bathroom must look the same, however. For example, don’t assume the walls must be white or beige simply because it is a bathroom. Choose a color scheme that is pleasing to the occupants of the home even if other people may not think these colors are appropriate for a bathroom. 

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Layer the Lighting

Layer the lighting in this room. All bathrooms have ambient lighting, which is the general lighting in the room. However, most rooms of this type lack accent lighting. 

If the bathtub is the focal point of the room, use accent lighting to highlight this feature. The accent lighting should make the focal point three times brighter than the surrounding area. 

Finish up with task lighting. This is the lighting around a vanity mirror or the lighting in a shower. The ambient lighting may not illuminate the shower fully, so additional lights in this space ensure a person remains safe. 

Increase Storage

Many bathrooms lack storage. When remodeling this room, make storage a priority. Use wall space to make the most of every inch of the room, and incorporate storage cabinets into the redesign if there is room. A homeowner will never regret having extra storage in this small space. 

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Work with a Professional

Any person can remodel a room of this size, can’t they? Actually, a homeowner should always call in professionals. With several household systems combined in one small space, a minor issue could quickly become a major problem involving several systems. 

In addition, professionals will have the work done in less time. As the bathroom is an essential part of any home, any time saved on this project is appreciated by all who live in the residence. 

When remodeling a bathroom, or any room in the home, spend more time planning the project than actually completing it. Doing so ensures the renovated space is everything the homeowner envisioned when they started on the project. This newly designed space will meet their needs in every way for years to come. 

remodel your bathroom

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