What are Funny Valentine’s Day Cards about?

Valentine’s Day cards

Funny Valentine’s Day cards are very common during the amazing love and romantic Valentine’s period. It’s quite interesting that not long ago, you could be outsourcing for the Christmas and new year festive seasons, and now you’re in the rush to get a befitting Valentine’s Day card to portray your desired message for your loved one. In such a rush hour, you can easily visit Boomf.com to check out beautiful funny Valentine cards and purchase them for your lover.

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Why do you need a funny Valentine’s day card?

People buy cards for several reasons, some to hit on their partners with a wave of positive emotions, others to deliver a message that they feel their creativity may not pick on at the moment, another set would buy cards for their lovers because their partners have interest in such acts of love. Oh! Love languages are a thing to be concerned about as even little things could make or mar a relationship that has been busily for a while. It’s just your own perhaps unique way to express love to your partner through humour.

Some certain examples of funny Valentine’s card writings that death you can try include:

I love you more than Boris loves an illegal party

This is quite interesting and especially when your partner is interested in politics. They may burst into uncontrollable laughter.

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I am doughnuts about you

What an amazing way to say to your partner’s face. It’s more like introducing baking language into your relationship to add sweetness. If your lover has a sweet tooth and you need a relatable language to connect with them— voila!

I love you more than you annoy me, and that’s a whole lot

There are partners that seem to get on your nerves (winks) and your love for them still stays. Maybe you are looking for a funny way to chip in good emotional vibes, we’ve got you covered. Trust me, even if not laughter, some subtle smiles will be distributed around their faces.

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Those who fart together, stay together, I love you

Your lover may be someone you can do anything around without any iota of shame. Perhaps they are a safe space to you. You can send a card with this inscription to them and trust me, it is a humorous way to find your way into their hearts.


There are a whole lot of ideas that can help you build bonds it’s your lover or spouse with the help of humour. However, because the season comes creeping on you, you can visit Boomf to explore their wide variety of funny Valentine’s Day cards for your lover if you want to use humour to appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day cards

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